The Priesthood

"The Priesthood" is a series of programs by H.M. Television that will help you understand better the greatness of the ministry entrusted by God to certain men that He himself has chosen to prolong his mission in the world.

"The same Lord, however, has established ministers among his faithful to unite them together in one body […] These ministers in the society of the faithful are able by the sacred power of orders to offer sacrifice and to forgive sins, and they perform their priestly office publicly for men in the name of Christ. Therefore, having sent the apostles just as he himself been sent by the Father, Christ, through the apostles themselves, made their successors, the bishops, sharers in his consecration and mission" (Presbyterorum Ordinis, 2).

The Priesthood: Consecrated to Mary

“I would rather be without skin,” exclaimed St. John of Avila, “than to live without devotion to Mary.” Fr. Victor Samugana reiterates this vital truth in this episode of The Priesthood. The fidelity of the priest lies in his devotion to Our Blessed Mother.

The Priesthood: A Thirst Like Christ’s

The Church needs holy priests who are a living image of Christ Himself. In this episode, Fr. Victor Samugana exhorts the faithful to pray for priests, that they may strive to have a perfect love for Christ. On the other hand, priests must never abandon their prayer life.

The Priesthood: The Summit of Prayer

The priest has been chosen to be another Christ on this earth and has the power to turn ordinary bread into Our Lord. Fr. Victor Samugana talks about the Eucharist and the celebration of the Mass, which is indeed the “summit of prayer.”

The Priesthood: A Divine Calling

The impact of one person’s “yes” to the Lord is unfathomable. Fr. Victor Samugana shares with us how he heard God’s call through missionary priests who came to spread the Gospel in his own country. He himself now serves as a missionary priest in Ireland. Thus, let us resolve to be faithful to God’s will in our lives. No matter how small and hidden it may be, Christ will see to it that our fidelity will bear much fruit.

The Priesthood: An Intimate Friendship with Christ

Perhaps we understand a bit about the importance of prayer. Yet can we truly consider ourselves Christ’s friends? Father Luuk Jansen reveals the simplicity of his own friendship with Christ and thus, spurs us on to make a greater effort to grow in intimacy with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Priesthood: Give Everything to Jesus

“Come, follow Me.” (Mt. 19:21) Jesus calls and man is free to respond to this loving invitation. How do I know if God is calling me? In this episode of The Priesthood, Father Luuk Jansen shows us the importance of truly knowing Jesus Christ so that we may perceive His call in our hearts.

The Priesthood: Chastity for the Kingdom of God

A common question: Why do priests and religious make a vow of chastity? Fr. Luuk Jansen highlights the importance of this complete self-giving to God and the Church. From his personal experience we discover this important truth: The more we truly give ourselves to God, the more we receive from Him.

The Priesthood: Mother of Priests

  • Category: Fr. Shane

In this episode, Fr. Shane speaks about the priest's relationship with Mary, Mother of Priests. Just as she comforted Jesus on the way to Calvary, she also sustains and comforts all priests.

The Priesthood: Making Sinners into Saints

  • Category: Fr. Shane

Fr. Shane speaks about the sacrament of confession. The Priest is called to be an image of the Merciful Christ, who did not turn sinners away, but who invited them to sincere reconciliation and conversion.

The Priesthood: A Yes to God

In this episode, Fr. Shane speaks to us about celibacy. It is a yes to God. It is a giving of oneself totally to God, together with other men who have also been called to follow Christ.

The Priesthood: At the Altar with Jesus

  • Category: Fr. Shane

In this episode, Fr. Shane speaks about how close and how a privileged a place the Priest has with Jesus when he is at the altar celebrating Mass.
God is so good, God is so amazing, that He is worth everything. He is worth offering Him our entire lives, to use them how He wants.

The Priesthood: Instrument of Mercy

  • Category: Fr. Shane

Fr. Shane speaks about how a priest's main role and function is to prepare people for heaven. Through the sacraments he helps people to experience Christ's mercy, especially through the sacrament of Baptism.

The Priesthood: A Call to be Faithful

  • Category: Fr. Shane

Fr. Shane tells us about how his own call the priesthood came about and reveals to us the trials that he had to go through in order to be faithful to the call.

The Priesthood: The Love of the Heart of Jesus

Jesus gave us two great signs of his love: the Eucharist and the Priesthood. In this program Fr. Shane speaks to us about how just as Jesus laid down his life in order to bring us the Heaven, the priest is called to join in that mission and show to others the love of God the Father.

The Priesthood: A Sacrifice Pleasing to God

  • Category: Fr. Shane

In this program, specially dedicated to men who might have felt the call to the priesthood, Fr. Shane speaks about how everything pales in comparison to the joy one experiences when he gives up his life to follow Jesus.

The Priesthood: Laying down Your Life

  • Category: Fr. Shane

In this program, Fr. Shane speaks about the union between the Priesthood and the Eucharist. The priest is called by Jesus to follow Him and to lay down his life.

The Priesthood: The Sacred Value of Life

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about the priest’s place in the Anointing of the Sick and the administration of the Last Sacraments. He also affirms that a priest is called to defend the dignity of all human life.

The Priesthood: Reconciled to Him

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about our need to receive the Sacrament of Confession in order to ask for God’s forgiveness and to hear that our sins have been forgiven through the priest.

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